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    I recently (December) arrived to reside permanently in the UK, and now wish to pursue the long held aim to own a 96 V4. I have only waited 40 years, so I am now starting to want to progress this.Ideally it will be either bodily very sound, or have had nothing done so nothing is hidden. Mechanically and trim wise I am OK to do more than most will tackle. If you have such a car, or know of one please let me know.


    Ian Deumayne Jones

    Hello. I have a yellow 96 v4 1972 L plate, which I had planned to start restoring this year but the premises I had organised to perform this has unfortunately fallen through. I had also purchased another Yellow 96 V4 1972, which has had a full body restoration and just needs finishing, as the plan was to use this latest car whilst the other was off the road.

    It has a little MOT left, June if memory serves. It has some rot in the usual places and needs a front floor panel on the nearside, but was being used almost weekly for short, fun trips until recently, whilst the necessary panels and parts needed were being researched and from where to source. It runs well and has not let me down at all, but will need a clutch and the speedometer wasn’t working when I purchased it in early 2015. All was planned to be done, but I have not the room to take on such a job without the building I had planned on.

    It is unmolested and mostly original, which is what attracted me originally, having only minimal, sensible upgrades like electronic ignition. If you are interested I’m happy to email you some pictures and the reg number so that you can do your own research. I’m based in Shropshire and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.



    Thanks for the response Ian. Yes please, can you email me some pics and such at




    I have a white 96L v4, the body is very sound and original. Its a non runner, but I don’t think it would take much to get going. The interior, and in particular the dash, are in great shape, really nice original example that wouldn’t take a great deal to get back to 100%, just enough to make it an exciting project. It also has a boot full of original saab parts, some mechanical, some body. Id be more than happy to send photos and answer any questions.

    Speak soon hopefully,
    All the best,


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    Hi Tom, thanks for the response.In the post above yours you will find an email address, if you could drop me some more details and of course where you are then I will be in touch as soon as I see your mail.

    Money is waiting to be spent!



    Seems as though I am still looking!

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