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    Ian Deumayne Jones

    Does anyone have or know of a rotisserie unit for sale to suit my 96 which is going into a full restoration next year. Any guidance as to where I can source floor panels other than Malbrad or Ashcraft, where I have priced up the front floor panels, would be most welcome also. Thanks, Ian.



    Hi Ian,

    Apologies, only just seen this post! You’re probably aware that the Swedish Saab Club sell floor panels for the 96 via their club website. Othe than that you may find a good local welder that can fabricate their own panels. Most welders prefer to do this than use repair panels.
    Hope that helps and good luck with the restoration.



    Ian Deumayne Jones

    Thanks Simon.

    I’ve had info from Mark Ashcraft in Oregon and seen the repair panels available from Malbrad also. I’ll check out the Saab club in Sweden also and regularly check out the Swedish version of Ebay.
    I like the fact that Ashcraft panels are of a decent grade and are full width panels as opposed to repair size, but they are expensive to buy and get shipped. However finding a good donor car is tricky and I feel somewhat mean taking another of the road potentially.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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